Sally Hansen - Yellow Kitty

Yellow Kitty is a nice pale yellow colour perfect for spring, and summer! When there isn’t a lot of lighting the colour does tend to look more mustardy, but looks lovely in the sun. The unfortunate thing is that you need multiple coats to get the colour in the bottle. I am wearing 3 coats, but I realized after I put my top coat on that I could have used a 4th or possibly even a 5th. 

I have been on the hunt for a nice pastel yellow colour, and really had my eye on Revlon’s Buttercup, but sadly it is only out in the states right now :( I heard Buttercup is very opaque even after 1 coat (and for a yellow pastel colour is amazing!!) So is it worth it to spend the time using all those coats for this colour?? I think so, the colour is really pretty and dries fairly quickly. I’m hoping because it takes a lot of coats I will go through this bottle pretty quickly and by the time I am done Revlon’s Buttercup will have made its way to Canada :)


Nail Polish Obsession Tag!! 

What’s your favourite nail polish company?

OPI!!! This is a hard one for me! OPI is a really close with China Glaze, with Essie coming in pretty close after (though I only have a few, I love all of them). I chose OPI mainly because of the colour selection. They have every possible shade you could ever imagine, and come out with some nice collections (personally really excited for the up-coming Spiderman collection). OPI also has a really nice formula for the most part (cough gargantuan green grape cough). 

left to right *Cajun Shrimp, You’re A Doll, I Have A Herring Problem, Ski Teal We Drop, Mermaid’s Tears*


OPI - Cajun Shrimp

OPI definitely got this nail polish right! Cajun Shrimp is a corally red colour with a little bit of orange in it. It is absolutely gorgeous, and is super bright!! This colour is one that can be worn anytime of year! The formula is pretty close to perfect!! It was opaque after one coat, but I did put a 2nd one on. But one would definitely be enough if you are short on time. Even before I put my Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat on, it was quite dry, which again will be perfect if you are in a rush!! Really happy with this nail polish, and will be wearing it a lot this summer!! 

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